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Ocean and Travel Activities


Join our community

We hope you will enjoy our daily events, music and gastronomy prepared for you to have a great time! Become a active member of the community to get to know the locals and meet travelers from all over right here in La Puerta Del Sol. Our staff will make sure you're feeling better then being at home with the best customer service on the beach!

Week Day Activities

Every day during the week, we host activities that vary from movie night to live music. please see below what's happening today!

Happy Hour every day!

Between 2pm - 6pm

Movie Mondays

Watch classic movies on the big screen with the community

Wok & Trivia Wednesdays

Enjoy our tasty Wok while participating in a Trivia activity

Thirsty Thursdays

Take advantage of our drinks promotion and enjoy live music

Live from the garden Fridays

Experience local and international talents perform on stage right from the bar

Great Memories

Be a part of our family

Be a part of this unique experience being with family and friends from all over, from week day activities to random events, we hope you loved your stay!