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Playas del Coco and its Neighboring Beaches

Playas del Coco might be Costa Rica’s most convenient town for a beach getaway. Located about 30 minutes from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste. Playas del Coco has everything to provide an easy and comfortable vacation. Hotels, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, sun, sand and sea make this a great homebase. But what about the other local beaches for a day trip? Last month we spoke about Playa Ocotal, this time we explore Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama, Playas del Coco’s popular beach neighbors. Playas del Coco to Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama Playa Hermosa is just a 15[… read more]

5 Common (and Beautiful) Birds of Playas del Coco

When vacationing in Playas del Coco many visitors are thrilled with the native species in the Guanacaste area. It is common for Howler Monkeys to pass through our garden in the afternoon or to see a vibrant Green Iguana sunbathing next to our pool but the amount of birds that pass through is truly amazing! Here is a quick guide to five common and beautiful bird species you may encounter while spending time at La Puerta del Sol Hotel Turquoise Browed Mot Mot The Turquoise- Browed Motmot can be found commonly in Playas del Coco and lots of other locations[… read more]

dry season sunset playas del coco

Costa Rica’s High Season is on It’s Way – Summer Time Pura Vida

Costa Rica’s high season for tourism begins in mid December and continues into late April, usually ending with the Easter Holiday. This time period harmonizes splendidly with the chill of winter in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The high season is also the dry season. In the event that you need some sunny relaxation time on a tropical shoreline, this is an ideal opportunity to come to Costa Rica. Amid the height of this period (particularly amid the Christmas occasion and Holy Week before Easter), the tourism business works at maximum capacity and ALL reservations should be made ahead[… read more]

Thanksgiving in Playas del Coco

Every year in late November US citizens across the globe celebrate Thanksgiving and Playas del Coco is no different. This day is a time to reflect and be gracious for all of the good times, positive relationships and goals accomplished in the passing year.  Even if you are not home for the holiday, Playas del Coco always has something to comfort your craving for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner consisting of Turkey, stuffing, Potatoes, Carrots, Pies and more. If you walk down Coco’s Main Boulevard you will find numerous restaurants serving up the classic American meal. For us at La Puerta[… read more]

Have You Heard? The Dorado Fishing is Great this Year!

Sportfishing is always the talk of Playas del Coco as the annual rain season comes to an end and the high season begins. This year the Dorado (Mahi Mahi) fishing has EXPLODED! Reports from around the area have been extremely positive and it is expected that the season will continue to boom until the seasonal winds change in mid December. If you are an avid fisherman or novice and are looking to do some Sportfishing in Costa Rica make sure you come to Hotel La Puerta del Sol in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste Costa Rica. Our low season pricing is[… read more]

Santa Rosa National Park: BIG Adventure just an Hour from El Coco

When arriving to Costa Rica and to Playas del Coco in general many of our guests frequently ask us for advice on things to do in Playas del Coco and the surrounding area. While some are inquiring about nightlife, shopping and fine dining others are in it for the ADVENTURE and that is what Parque Nacional Santa Rosa is all about. A Brief Overview of the Santa Rosa National Park Santa Rosa National Park is a large protected area located off of Hwy 1 between Liberia and the Nicaraguan border in the Guanacaste Province. In 1856 the site was home[… read more]

[GALLERY] Sunsets from Playas del Coco

The above photo was taken near Entrada Cangrejos. Orange, pink and purple hues tower behind the tropical vegetation in late October.  Our Hotel being located in Playas del Coco has it’s perks. We are near the beach, just two blocks away from good nightlife, close to the airport and many others make the list. But our favorite is the amazing Pacific Ocean sunsets we get treated to almost every night of the year! Every evening around 6PM dozens of people flock to the Amor de la Temporada Park and other parts of the beach to admire the amazing sunsets that Playas[… read more]

[VIDEO] Costa Rican Female Rafting Team Competes in Japan World Championship

La Puerta del Sol helped sponsor the female Costa Rican Rafting team and supported them as they took their talents to Japan to compete in the World Rafting competition 2017. “We are Machacas, the team created by Asociación Machacas (Women Rafting Association), proud to represent Costa Rica as the Open Women Rafting Team in Japan 2017.   Our team name, Machacas, was inspired in this kind of fish, relative of the piranha, found in our home rivers.  They are known to live and look for their prey always in groups.  They are stronger when working together. Our team will be[… read more]

Coco Beach Cleanup – Part 2

La Puerta del Sol will be helping “Rasta Recycle” (out of Filadelfia) clean up the Playas del Coco beach at 8:00 AM this Sunday morning, the 15th of October 2017. Can I help clean Playas del Coco? YES! All are welcome and we appreciate anyone who can help us out. We will be meeting at the beach entrance “Entrada Arrecifes” near the Pacifico Beach Club. There is still much work to do and if we all come together we will bring Coco back to life and better than ever before. We encourage anyone to join us in the community to help restore[… read more]

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