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5 Common (and Beautiful) Birds of Playas del Coco

When vacationing in Playas del Coco many visitors are thrilled with the native species in the Guanacaste area. It is common for Howler Monkeys to pass through our garden in the afternoon or to see a vibrant Green Iguana sunbathing next to our pool but the amount of birds that pass through is truly amazing! Here is a quick guide to five common and beautiful bird species you may encounter while spending time at La Puerta del Sol Hotel

Turquoise Browed Mot Mot

turquoise browed motmot

The Turquoise- Browed Motmot can be found commonly in Playas del Coco and lots of other locations in Costa Rica due to its ability to survive in a wide range of habitats. Most notable for it bell like tail father which has to circular sections at the bottom but otherwise bare. The colors on this birds are absolutely beautiful so if you see one while on vacation in Costa Rica snap a photo to take home with you.

White Winged Dove

white winged dove

This is one of the larger of the Dove species and can be found throughout southwestern Mexico and down through Central America but has recently been spotted in the mid western United States from New Mexico all the way to Kansas leaving surprised birders in these states jumping for joy. You will see this species more often in the North American winter months as most groups of White Winged Doves are migratory, spending the winter in Playas del Coco. Just like many of our fellow tourists…

Orange Fronted Conure

orange lored conure

Also more commonly known as the Orange-fronted Parakeet these birds are so common in Playas del Coco that you can hear them almost EVERY time you go for even just a short walk. These birds are never alone, frequently found in large groups but at the very least with one partner flying through the sky. They tend to be very active in the hours before sunset and are easily identified by their short scratchy, screechy (for lack of a better word) voice. In my experience though not very loud they are very talkative creatures.

Tropical Kingbird

This Yellow bird highlighted with grey is a pleasure to view but even more fun to watch. He is a great predator, known as one of the more efficient fly catchers. Around sunset when the insects come out in abundance you will find this bird perched scanning the sky for flying insects. Once located the Tropical Kingbird jumps into action swift flying up to the insect and devouring it in one fell swoop. Big props to these birds for doing their part in controlling the insect population.

Hoffman’s Woodpecker

hoffman's woodpecker

This woodpecker is very confined to the Guanacaste region. Generally only found in Guanacaste and parts of western Nicaragua. Identified by his dotted wings red crown and orange scruff the Hoffman’s Woodpecker will most likely be found clinging to the side of a tree furiously pecking in search of larvae, ants or other insect treats. This bird gets its name as it first a specimen collected by Karl Hoffman, a doctor who worked with the Army that fought off William Walker’s invasion in 1856.


When looking for a hotel in Playas del Coco none will offer you the garden or natural surrounding like La Puerta del Sol. Our garden is home to many small and amazing animal friends that provide a splash of wildlife while still nearby all amenities and comforts of home!

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