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Playa Ocotal – Coco’s Nearest Neighboring Beach

Playas del Coco is an amazing place. While visiting people from all walks of life enjoy strolling along the beachfront path, hanging in the park or playing in the soft sands and warm waters. Often our guests ask us for recommendations of other nearby beach to explore, the nearest being the “salt and pepper” volcanic sand beach named Playa Ocotal.

Where is Playa Ocotal?

Playa Ocotal can be found just 3km southwest of Playas del Coco. By turning off of the main boulevard at the Super Compro supermarket one can arrive in just under 7 minutes by car making it a very easy and convenient journey.

map of playa ocotal and coco

Things to Know About Playa Ocotal

Playa Ocotal is a rather small beach by normal standards. It is easily walked from one end to the other in about 5 minutes, but just because of it’s small size doesn’t mean it isn’t full of opportunities to enjoy an entire day here.

On the eastern side of the beach you will see  a small rock formation that is PERFECT for snorkeling. Colorful fish and other species of marine life live near these rocks and most of the area is only about 12ft deep making it less intimidating than some other locations. This spot is generally safe for under sea adventurers of all ages, but use your common sense and make note of the oceanic conditions before snorkeling with children or those less physically fit.

This rock formation also holds another more relaxing treasure, a natural pool that is kept crystal clear by the changing tide. This is an amazing place to cool off after spending some time sunbathing or playing in the sand. if you happened to have brought your snorkeling mask look around in the pool for the small blue and yellow fish and other species that temporarily get trapped here at low tide.

Fishing in Playa Ocotal

Playa Ocotal can be a great place to land a large fish. Often times you will see local people fishing with hand held spools from the beach. Frequently catching Yellowtail Jacks, Needlefish and other medium sized species. These fish tend to cruise the sandy part of the center of the beach so throw your shiny lure into the water and hope to catch a big one!

Another good spot for fishing is off of the point on the far end of the beach. You can only make it here at low tide so be careful not to get stuck out there during a rising tide or your will be quite wet upon your return. This is a preferred fishing spot because of the passing schools and the depth of the water drops to about 35ft right off of the point leading to less rock snags.

If you would like to venture a bit further around the rocky bend you will end up at Bahia Pez Vela which is a completely black sand volcanic beach, but once again only walk these rocks at low tide.


Playa Ocotal is a gem of a Guanacaste beach. It is safe and full of natural beauty. Combine that with it’s ease of arrival and convenient location Playa Ocotal makes a pleasurable day of fun in the sun for beach lovers of all ages!

La Puerta del Sol Hotel is located just 7 mins from Playa Ocotal, to view our rooms and rates click here

Hotel La Puerta del Sol - Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

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